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Friday, March 31 | 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $30.50–$38.50

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Winter/Spring 2017 Concert Series
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Germán López: Flamenco and Music from the Canary Islands

Germán López is the most innovative modern exponent of the timple, the emblematic folk instrument of the Canary Islands. He will be performing with acoustic guitar virtuoso Antonio Toledo, originally from the Azores Islands. The timple is a small five-stringed instrument that resembles a ukulele. Related to South American instruments such as the cavaquinho, cuatro, and charango, the timple is intrinsic to the music of the Canary Islands. It has a fuller, richer resonance than a ukulele.

As a prodigy in his native Gran Canaria, López entered the music conservatory when he was seven years old and has been performing publicly since the age of ten. He has played with symphony orchestras and in major festivals and venues around the world. He masterfully blends the ancient traditions of the Canary Islands with musical virtuosity.

In his eagerness to experiment with new music, always starting from where the timple unfolds naturally, López recently released his album Root, which offers his approach to world music and flamenco. Captivated for years by the rhythmic and visceral richness of these genres, López moved into a new musical dimension with his timple on this album, exploring the malagueña (a Spanish dance similar to the fandango), polka, tajaraste (combined music and dance typical of the Canary Islands), bulería (a fast flamenco rhythm), tanguillo (a style of tango), and rumba, including original compositions by López himself.

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