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Sunday, June 3 | 7:00 p.m.
Tickets: $29.50–$37.50


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Geoff Tate Unplugged

Geoff Tate, lead singer of the band Queensrÿche, is touring with a handful of acoustic solo shows, performing renditions of songs from his solo album along with some of his favorite Queensrÿche songs.

Many musicians record solo albums as an outlet for material that doesn’t fit the scope of their band. However, this was not the case for Geoff Tate. While there was very little from his solo debut that wouldn’t fit within the ever-evolving musical scope of Queensrÿche, the album was more of a vocal expression of Tate.

“One of the most brilliant points of humanity is when you take a complex situation, and describe it in a sense that’s simplistic enough for people to grasp very easily. That’s amazing really, and that’s what I try to do with songwriting—I try to take a big subject and condense it down into something very simple, maybe just a phrase, or a line, or a couple of lines that says everything. That’s a tough challenge, and that’s what keeps bringing me back to writing music. It’s never easy, which means there’s always a challenge to come up with something new and different.”

“If you listen to a lot of Queensrÿche records, especially since Empire, we’ve done many different types of music and vocals, all based around guitars. ‘Silent Lucidity’ and ‘Jet City Woman’ aren’t heavy metal anthems, they’re just good songs, and I think this new record of mine is a greater extension of where Queensrÿche went in those directions.”—Geoff Tate

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