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Tift Merritt Opening Act: Suitcase Junket


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Tift Merritt is a singer-songwriter whose literate songs are grounded in country, pop, and Americana. She is among America’s most distinctive and individual songwriters. “Very few artists can run the gamut between Dusty Springfield and Joni Mitchell as effortlessly as Tift Merritt. Those skills are on excellent display in Stitch of the World, her latest album. It’s a very simple formula for success: put Merritt in front of a crack band, keep the production subtle, and let her do her thing. Of course, that formula only works to this extent when you have a songwriter and performer with such copious talents.”—American Songwriter

Merritt’s voice summons up a picture of determination in the face of lonesome heartache.
It’s material that’s straight out of the Dolly Parton or Tammy Wynette songbook, but
Merritt makes it her own.

Elle Magazine

With an instrumental bed composed of unpolished acoustic guitars, slinky pedal steel and a solid-yet-relaxed rhythm section, Stitch of the world showcases Merritt’s ability to let her songs breathe and unfold in a manner that allows her unassuming vocals to shine.

Rolling Stone Country

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