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Celebrating the April release of his newest and most personal album, New Lore, Sean Rowe brings with him over eight years of musical determination. Wielding his signature, deep voice, Rowe unleashes a new commitment to music after creating his own label, Three Rivers Records, with the help of fans through Kickstarter.

Although Rowe has often made his hometown of Troy, New York, and its surrounding areas his creative base, New Lore brought a new environment and a new producer. Appropriate to his love of folk-blues legends such as Howlin’ Wolf, Rowe ventured to the Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis, Tennessee, to work with Matt Ross-Spang (Jason Isbell, Margo Price). They tapped into the history of the legendary space to hone a sound that is at once rich and stark, putting Rowe’s deep and dynamic rage at the forefront. Because if high notes can shatter windows, Rowe’s low and guttural ones can meld sand into glass.

Last year, Rowe caught an unexpected wave: his unreleased song “To Leave Something Behind” found life in Ben Affleck’s film The Accountant, exposing the mystique of his music to an even wider audience. Written five years ago in London, it echoes some of the themes that half a decade later surfaced again in New Lore: the things in life we pass down to our children, the ideas we learn from our elders, the shadows we leave behind when we are gone.

“My music isn’t glossy or shiny,” Rowe says. “But it’s true.”

Sean Rowe, a gruff-voiced, big bear of a songwriter from Upstate New York, has always had a way with metaphor.

American Songwriter

Sean Rowe’s voice, a room-rattling baritone, demands attention. The stories he tells with it are portraits that feel simple on the surface . . . they never are.

—NPR Music

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