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Anat Cohen & Trio Brasileiro


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Anat Cohen and Trio Brasileiro are pure joy. Cohen has always felt a deep connection to the musical traditions of Brazil—an influence readily apparent in her compositions. Following the release of a second recording, Cohen and Trio Brasileiro are touring the world performing music that celebrates the rich and varied culture of Brazil blended with her ebullient brand of jazz.

The joy of this music flows from its connection to small Brazilian bars and cafés where groups of musician friends play for the pure love of sharing their songs and skills. The evening will be a blend of great choro classics (“Santa Morena,” “Murmurando”) and original compositions.

Anat Cohen
Clarinetist-saxophonist Anat Cohen has won hearts and minds the world over with her expressive virtuosity and delightful stage presence. The Jazz Journalists Association has voted Cohen as Clarinetist of the Year nine years in a row, and she has topped both the Critics and Readers Polls in the clarinet category in DownBeat magazine every year since 2011. That’s not to mention years of being named “Rising Star” in the soprano and tenor saxophone categories in DownBeat as well as “Jazz Artist of the Year.” In 2009, the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) awarded Cohen the first-ever Jazz Wall of Fame prize for composition and musicianship.

Trio Brasileiro
Formed in 2011, Trio Brasileiro is dedicated to performing the great traditional choro music of Brazil. They have already made a name for themselves as an ensemble worthy of international attention. Their stunning virtuosity is matched with remarkable musicianship and a deep devotion to the language of music, allowing them to achieve a one-of-a-kind sound that shares in equal parts understated subtlety and irresistible groove. But it is their love of the traditional music of Brazil and the connection between brothers— by birth and by bonds of friendship—that create a rare and profound beauty.

Trio Brasileiro includes Douglas Lora, the celebrated guitarist and full-time member of the award-winning Brasil Guitar Duo; Dudu Maia, one of Brazil’s finest mandolin virtuosos; and Alexandre Lora, the amazing percussionist and Douglas’s brother.

Anat Cohen – Clarinet
Dudu Maia – Bandolim (Brazilian mandolin)
Douglas Lora – Seven-string guitar
Alexandre Lora – Pandeiro and percussion

The lyric beauty of her tone, easy fluidity of her technique and extroverted manner of her delivery make this music accessible to all.

Chicago Tribune

With the clarinet she becomes a singer, a dancer, a poet, a mad scientist, laughing—musically—with the sheer delight of reaching that new place, that new feeling, with each chorus.


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