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Performance Details

Thursday, October 29 | 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $20

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More Information

Anthony Mazzella

Bill Dutcher

Duffy King

Fall 2015 Concert Series
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Extreme Acoustic Guitar

An I Am AZ Music® concert

Anthony Mazzella, Bill Dutcher, and Duffy King bring their jaw-dropping talents to the MIM Music Theater for an evening of acoustic guitar music that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Anthony Mazzella
Anthony Mazzella is an internationally acclaimed artist who continues his studies by exploring music from cultures all over the world and collaborating with musicians indigenous to those regions. His compositions integrate world influences consisting of acoustic and electric fingerstyle, classical, flamenco, jazz, funk, R&B, Celtic, ambient, rock, medieval, and Near Eastern music. Mazzella also plays a one-of-a-kind ten-stringed guitar that he designed and was built by his father. On this unique instrument, Mazzella displays his abilities in fingering bass lines and chords with his left hand, while simultaneously playing melodies on the fret board with his right. Mazzella currently resides in both New York City and Sedona, Arizona, with a mission driven by the desire to “give life to music and music to life.

Bill Dutcher
When Bill Dutcher picks up an acoustic guitar, you’re witnessing the fusion of six strings, ten fingers, unorthodox instruments, and various electronics mix a unique cocktail of rock, blues, and classical music as well as Middle Eastern and Celtic flavors into an acoustic symphony. When Dutcher walks on stage, all rules are thrown out the window and an improvisational circus explodes before your eyes. Every part of the guitar is fair game as he makes it growl, whine, and sing to the pounding percussive pops, slaps, and pings that emanate from the guitar.

Duffy King
Energetic, kinetic grooves, driving rhythms, and finesse are words that have been used to describe Duffy King’s style of guitar playing. King hails from Detroit and assimilates all of the city’s great musical influences; he is best known for his potent jazz/rock and R&B/funk chops.

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